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Maria helped us through the whole process and communicated with us every step of the way. The house was listed on a Thursday and we had multiple offers on a Monday. The property sold fast and the staging she coordinated was first class. I too will not hesitate to work with her again…

Victor Padua

Maria Jensen is a consummate professional.
She answered all my questions, returned all my calls immediately and made everything easy to understand.
The level of service and dedication truly distinguishes her above others in her profession.

Tim McKissick

I can’t say enough about how dedicated and professional Maria is. She sold my house in Concord for more than asking and then found me a perfect home in Benicia. The work she put forth in getting my house ready was amazing. She is the best I’ve been associated with and i was a realtor for seven years!
Her professionalism in dealing with multiple offers, closing my sale on time and working with the sellers on my new home were exactly what one would hope from their realtor.
At all times she kept me in the loop and was critical in moving my new mortgage along in a timely manner. Even when the mortgage company made some serious errors.
I can’t say enough about her and am willing to talk with anybody who is considering her as their realtor.

Marcia Buisman

We are fortunate to have found Maria Jensen at an open house event when we were scoping out our neighborhood to decide if we wanted to sell our home of 15 years. Maria offered to compile comps for the area and a pricing point strategy for our home. We received the information via email immediately and felt no pressure. After exchanging a few emails, we invited Maria over to view our property and move forward with listing our home for sale.
Maria constantly demonstrated that she is genuinely interested in helping us sell our home as well as finding our replacement home. She absolutely listened to our “wants” for our replacement home, just about every home we toured was something we could see ourselves in the long term. Finally, we found the “one”.
Maria made the transaction of selling and buying seamless as possible. We accepted a top of the market offer on our home and purchased our replacement home below market. Score! The escrow was rocky due to some complications in financing (our lender’s mistake), but Maria was actively involved every step of the way, keeping us informed of the status, contacting the underwriter herself when necessary, and staying on top of contingency deadlines. She went the extra mile in every regard, whether it was meeting the appraiser, ensuring repairs were done timely, or helping us understand the pest report and even getting us a less expensive quote from a contractor. Maria seemed to be the driving force behind keeping the escrow on track and was essentially managing every issue that came up
Maria is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, thorough, and takes her job very seriously. She is a true professional. She promptly returned every phone call, email, or text, and patiently answered our endless questions. We would not hesitate to refer her to friends and neighbors for future transactions.

Sandy Johnson

Maria helped me find my house 6 years ago and when I got ready to sell there was no hesitation in choosing her to list the house. Maria always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is 100% there for you. I’ve have nothing but good things to say about her. With Maria as your realtor, you can breath easy, and even after you close she’ll be there if you need advice and that’s rare.

Mike P

Maria is a rock star among rock star real estate agents! She held our hands through the process and made what seemed impossible happen with all her years of knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Whether you’re buying or selling, she will work very hard to make sure your needs are met. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Maria again and I intend use her services again when the time comes. She really took care of my family and I’d recommend her to anyone.


I have had the pleasure of working with Maria on several real estate transactions. I value her professionalism and sensitivity to her clients individual needs. I recommend her to friends and family without hesitation! Buying and selling property can often be a very stressful situation, but Maria has the ability to guide you through the process effortlessly, with care and attention to detail.


I highly recommend Maria! I admire and appreciate her very much for her excellent service and dedication as she went out of her way to resolve issues that seemed to be impossible to resolve became possible due to Maria’s knowledge and gift of wisdom! Thank you, Maria! It was certainly a joy to work with you!

Cornell Parker

Out of all the Realtors I’ve worked with Maria is the best. Very informative and knowledgeable about the properties if you want a realtor that’s going to work hard for you then ask for Maria.

Meredith Brown

I can’t say enough good things about Maria. She was there for me every step of the way in finding and purchasing my home. She answered all my questions and didn’t mind going through things until I REALLY understood everything. And when she says she’s the realtor who’s there AFTER the sale is done, she isn’t kidding–I had a plumbing issue and she was completely on top of the house insurance company, even getting them to refund my home-visit fee! When I needed a handyman and a hauler she knew just who to call. Maria is the first person I recommend to friends looking to buy or sell, and I’m sure I’ll be working with her again!

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