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Dan Heenan

Maria Jensen has been an invaluable resource at a difficult time in life. I had to deal with estate issues after the passing of a parent. Multiple properties needed to go on the market at the same time, and each required significant preparation for sale. I do not even live in the same town where the properties are located. Traveling back and forth to do all these chores would have been a tremendous burden. Maria went the extra mile and advised on what needed to be done, set up various vendors, and managed the execution of the projects. I didn’t even have to worry about them. She simply reported back promptly upon completion that we were good to go. I can’t tell you what a relief that has been, but I bet you can guess. I am so happy thus far that I am writing this review before the houses have even sold. I will update when the transactions are complete, but I have every confidence that the remainder of this journey will go smoothly.