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Michael Roach

I met Corrine Oakes about 3 years ago. As my wife and I were thinking what to do with our home in Vallejo. We had or were moving to Oregon. Corrine was interested in what was best for us first before making a sale. Corrine told me the price she felt at the time I may get for the house. Along with the positive things and negative things about the home and what I could do to improve it’s value. Corrine told me about the market at that time and suggested the following.. I could sell now during a low market for my type of home. Or wait and the market should improve sometime but may still get even lower for awhile. Corrine suggested I could rent the house if we wanted and wait. Corrine said rents were up even though prices were down. Corrine recommended a property management company and we rented the house out. The property management company did a great job. We rented and the market went lower then rebounded sharply over about 2 years… I called Corrine and asked her what she thought? The market was really good for our house and we told Corrine to sell. I asked Corrine to handle everything. She did the selling about as professional as you can get. Corrine worked with the property management company and quickly got the house ready to sell..The house was listed on a Monday sold on the following day for well over the listing and about 35% over what the house was worth 2 years earlier. In our opinion Corrine is the best because she cares about people and what is best for them. Corrine sincerely is an expert in her field!