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I chose you out of all the realtors because on the first day of house searching we called many realtor names on many for sale signs and you were the only one who not only called us back, but kept calling with additional addresses (without being a bugger), gave appropriate feedback and did it in a cheerful manner!

In addition, you understood the purpose of our house hunting which was income property, but how it needed to fit a particular criteria. I had only sold and purchased property for my own residences before the ‘bubble burst’; this buying environment was like stepping in another world. You explained in plain terms, yet thoroughly, how short sales worked vs foreclosures vs regular sales, and most importantly, how to bid correctly so you were in the game, yet not a fool. I felt I could call you with any question at any time and you always have made yourself available to both Stephen and I (and I know we can be quirky). Just the fact that we are still working together to find another property is a testament to how well I feel we work together!